A True Christmas Miracle in the Caribbean (VIDEO)

A True Christmas Miracle in the Caribbean (VIDEO)

WestJet has spread the joy and magic of Christmas among a community of the Dominican Republic.
December 05, 2014 by Globeprime

WestJet Airlines thought of making a wonderful and inspiring project by achieving a true Christmas miracle for the community of Nuevo Renacer in the Dominican Republic.

The management team of the Canadian airline company decided to target their project in the Caribbean island after establishing a significant relationship with their partners in this country, with whom they claim to share a unique collaboration and mutual values. They wanted to give back to those who have inspired them which is why they are still making considerable efforts in the development of communities in need, as Corey Evans explains in this video:

Credit: WestJet

Watch for Blue Santa as he could appear in the sky or on the beach anytime soon.