This Extraordinary Jamaican Woman Adopted 32 Kids (VIDEO)

This Extraordinary Jamaican Woman Adopted 32 Kids (VIDEO)

If everyone could share 1% of her devotion, how different things would be.
November 02, 2014 by Globeprime

AnnMarie Richards is no Mother Teresa nor does she endorse a charity. All by herself, she decided to adopt 32 street kids and provide them with food, education and healthcare, asking for nothing in return, but just for the sake of helping and changing their lives for the better.

As she explains, even though we tend to have a very positive impression of Jamaicans' attitude towards life, it's not as much fun as it seems, as many must deal with various hardships, like teenage pregnancy and food scarcity. Consequently, many children are left on their own and take shelter on the streets.

AnnMarie felt extremely concerned by the young victims of social inequality, and decided to take as many abandoned children as she could under her wing. She says that nothing is more rewarding than seeing them becoming full grown responsible and educated citizens. Her efforts are more than admirable and should serve as a example for everyone in a position to make a difference.

The video was directed by a group of three filmmakers whose goal is to swap the traditional call to action for a concept of social currency. Thus, they encouraged all viewers to share and like the video in order to get over 50,000 views in exchange of a computer lab for AnnMarie's children. Their wonderful goal was successfully attained, but you can still encourage their new ongoing projects by following GoBoka Play's YouTube channel.