The Trillion Stars of Andromeda (VIDEO)

The Trillion Stars of Andromeda (VIDEO)

This high-definition close-up of our galactic neighbor will leave you speechless.
January 16, 2015 by Globeprime
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With optical technology being perfected at an increasing rate, the Hubble Telescope's ability to take pictures of space is becoming more and more accurate. Recently, NASA and ESA have released an outstanding picture of the Andromeda galaxy in such a high resolution that the original size fills more than 4GB and roughly - hold your breath - 1.5 billion pixels.

According to estimates, the Milky Way includes around 300 billion stars, while Andromeda would reach up to a trillion. It's almost mind-boggling to imagine the possible worlds that all these shimmering stars could potentially host.

The following video explores the extent of our neighboring galaxy as never seen before. The sky is definitely full of stars.

Via Hubble