Voices of Reading - Improving Education in Africa (VIDEO)

Voices of Reading - Improving Education in Africa (VIDEO)

A young student and her teacher explain why digital reading can save education in Africa.
November 01, 2014 by Globeprime

Reading is an essential part of any school curriculum. However, in Africa, limited resources and budget often restrain the supply of educational books. Fortunately, technology is now changing the rules of poverty and therefore the lives of many children thanks to the power of e-readers.

Worldreader is a non-profit dedicated to provide modern technology that can facilitate the learning ability of students living in poor countries. The organization is already covering over 6,000 titles in more than 37 countries and 41 languages. Their mission doesn't only make a difference, but can be considered a necessity in the difficult economic context faced by many developing nations, as explained by Lawrence K. Najdi, chairman of Kenya Publishers Association:

A country like ours, where most of the population live below a dollar a day and most books cost about four or five dollars [...]

If you're interested in contributing to this brilliant initiative, learn more about Worldreader and follow the instructions in their donation section.