The Why, What, and How of 100 Resilient Cities (VIDEO)

The Why, What, and How of 100 Resilient Cities (VIDEO)

The Rockefeller Foundation is pioneering a global project to strengthen cities.
October 23, 2014 by Globeprime
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In a fast-urbanizing world, the need for corporate social responsibility has never been more essential. This is where the "100 Resilient Cities" project comes into play.

Commissioned by the Rockefeller Foundation, this revolutionizing project aims at rebuilding the foundations of every global city in the developing world, more specifically within the scope of 100 potential member cities that would join forces in order to plan an elaborate restructuring of their urban strategies. Every aspect of urban management is being targeted, from environmental sustainability to economical growth, as well as effective long-term solutions against climate change and access to vital resources.

Among the participants is Mitch Laudrieu, Mayor of New Orleans, who shares a global concern:

We all have common threats. When the water rises, it wets everybody.

More information can be found on 100 Resilient Cities