The World's Most Impressive and Unusual Trees

The World's Most Impressive and Unusual Trees

They can be tiny, giant, or just plain weird, but they testify the power of nature.
November 28, 2014 by Globeprime

Enter the world of trees, a universe of enchantment and mystery. Often considered as the lungs of our planet, these colossal natural monuments keep growing sometimes in the harshest conditions. But as you will see in these photos, nothing can stop a tree from claiming its place among us.

Trees in the Mist-Blue

Trees in the Mist-Blue

Flickr: Steve Ellaway

If You Had To Guess - Portland Japanese Garden

Flickr: Gavin Hardcastle - Fototripper

Lone Cypress

Lone Cypress

Flickr: Sky Matthews

Sleepy Live Oak Blanketed by Spanish Moss

Sleepy live oak blanketed by Spanish moss

Flickr: Meridith112

Towering Pines Reaching to a Blue Sky

Towering pines reaching to a blue sky

Flickr: Mark Mullen

Tree Tunnel

Tree Tunnel

Flickr: Lee Sie

Naked Maple

Naked Maple

Flickr: Adrian Mills

Joshua Tree at Sunset

Joshua Tree at Sunset

Flickr: Sandy Redding

Banyan Tree Roots

Banyan Tree Roots

Flickr: Royce Bair

Skinny Trees in the Morning Mist

Skinny trees in the morning mist

Flickr: Jouni Teittinen

The Haunting and Beautiful Ruins of Ta Prohm

The haunting and beautiful ruins of Ta Prohm

Flickr: Nic Prins

Dragon Blood Tree, Socotra, Yemen

Dragon blood tree, Socotra, Yemen

Flickr: Davide Comelli

Panoramic Stitch - General Sherman Tree at Sequoia National Park

General Sherman Tree

Flickr: Dan Sorensen

Bamboo Path

Bamboo Path

Flickr: Konstantin

Methuselah, White Mountain, California

Methuselah, White Mountain

Flickr: Chao Yen

Sleeping Giant Boababs

Sleeping giant Boababs

Flickr: Antoine NA√čL

Old Beech Trees Bridging the Bregagh Road

Old Beech trees bridging the Bregagh Road

Flickr: Fat_Fingers

Twisted Natural Bonsai at Patagonia, Argentina

Twisted natural bonsai at Patagonia

Flickr: Gerardo Paez

Lord of the Trees, Volunteer Park

Lord of the Trees, Volunteer park

Flickr: Gabriel Tompkins

H/t: Flickr Group "Beautiful and unusual trees"