Photoholic Father Photoshops His Daughters in Funny Scenes

Photoholic Father Photoshops His Daughters in Funny Scenes

You need inspiration to cheer up your kids? This father might have a tip or two for you.
December 03, 2014 by Globeprime

Swiss photographer John Wilhelm found a pretty clever and original way to show off his love for his three daughters. The "photoholic" father, as he likes to call himself, used his Photoshop skills to insert his cute little girls (Lu, Mila and Yuna) in fantastic and zany situations children can only dream of.

He explains his amusing inspiration:

I guess I watched just a little too much TV and played too many video games when I was a kid.

Surprisingly, although most of his photos are largely modified and processed, some of them are almost unchanged, onto which he usually adds a slight enhancement. You may be wondering if he is trying to steal the throne of the world's best father. One thing sure is that if our childhood was as exciting as that portrayed in these photographs, we would never want to grow up.

Lou & Mila aka Thelma & Louise

Small Grand Inquisitor

Downhill Girl

The Ropedancer

El Pr├ęsidente

Sad Cowgirl

Last flight with Vultureair

Bolshoi Ballet - Junior Class Warm Up

Don't Touch My Book Little Sister!

Base Jumper

Lou's Got a Bike

Just a Tiny Tiny Milk Tooth


"Oops... No Mom I Don't Know Where Mila Is!"

Diabetic Coma

Just a Washday in the Swiss Alps

Dazed Visitors

The Book Is Safe Again

Just an Italian Snake Charmer

The Carnival Suit


Disarming Innocence

The Rebellious Easter Bunny

Mila Button and Lou-ke the Engine Driver

Lord Lou from Kyburg

Spaghetti Time

Feeding a Stinky Pelican

Bullfight Lessons

Sensitive Little Rotk├Ąppchen

Brinkmann & Carrel

Credit: John Wilhelm