A Vision of Human-Powered Vehicles (VIDEO)

A Vision of Human-Powered Vehicles (VIDEO)

It's like riding a bicycle and driving a car simultaneously.
January 18, 2015 by Globeprime

Say hello to Cyclone and Zeppelin, the road companions that could redefine driving as we know it. Designed by the team of The Future People, both vehicles are propelled mainly by human power with only a little help of electricity.


We wanted to see just how far we could push the legal definition of bicycle to provide a car-like experience with very low energy input.

It reminds you of The Flintstones? It's actually not far from it, but with a bit more futuristic design. The prototypes offer a perfect compromise for urban commuting, with a capacity of two passengers and even room for luggage. While the Cyclone relies solely on pedals, the Zeppelin, however, includes a hybrid technology which consists of an electric motor with a capacity of 750W, allowing driving at 25 mph. Besides, the whole frame weighs only 270 lbs.



H/t: Designboom