African Laureate Invents Revolutionizing Cardio Pad (VIDEO)

African Laureate Invents Revolutionizing Cardio Pad (VIDEO)

Arthur Zang was nominated by Rolex for his pioneering device that could transform health care in Africa.
November 27, 2014 by Globeprime

In Cameroon, there is about 50 cardiologists available for a population of 22 million, resulting in a lack of medical access for nearly a quarter of the country's inhabitants who suffer from heart conditions. Extremely concerned by this critical situation, Arthur Zang, an IT university graduate, patented a tablet-computer heart monitor that only requires a mobile phone network coverage to operate.


The device, named Cardio Pad, is believed to be Africa's first medical computer tablet to help diagnose people with heart disease. It has been proven to be effective in the medical field, which brings hope to the nation's health-care workers who are strongly enthusiastic with the idea since it would enable them to send the results of cardiac tests to specialists via a mobile phone connection.

It is people like him that bring back optimism to a shattered social balance. He is driven by principles that everyone with a talent for innovation should also embed:

To me, if you start something, you must finish it. That is what gives me the greatest satisfaction.

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