Help Tuvalu - The First Nation To Disappear Under Water (VIDEO)

Help Tuvalu - The First Nation To Disappear Under Water (VIDEO)

In this strange and distant island, smiles are in abundance, but time is not.
October 17, 2014 by Globeprime

As global warming continues to trigger its devastating effects upon our world, the micro nations of the Pacific are on the brink of extinction if we don't do something right now. The organization A Million Smiles, devoted to share stories to increase happiness in people's lives, visited the island nation of Tuvalu back in February 2014, where they witnessed a rapidly-changing society, clustered among the rising seas of the Pacific.

When asked what makes their people smile, an island's inhabitant answers with all honesty:

"The friendliness of people, the freedom, the zero fear of crimes. Here people really value doing good to another [...] These things have a value, more than money [...] very unique and very hard to find anywhere else in the world."

He adds to his desperate distress call:

"We never wanted to leave our country, but we are forced out by our bigger brothers, just in the name of production [...] If our country sinks, that will take away our happiness."

There's only 50 years left before the tiny Pacific island-nation of Tuvalu sinks under rising seas. It's time to act before we lose all that's left of humanity.

Tuvalu girl

Credit: Juriaan Booij