Keep the Oil in the Ground (VIDEO)

Keep the Oil in the Ground (VIDEO)

This inspiring Ecuadorian woman explains why oil drilling is killing the Amazon.
October 20, 2014 by Globeprime

As with most environmental detriments resulting from climate change, the protection of the Amazon rainforest makes no exception. Amazon Watch is a NGO devoted to raise awareness and take action towards the reinforcement of strategies to revive the crucial survival of the Amazon.

To strengthen their message, they featured a young woman named Nini Gualinga, from the village of Saryauku, Ecuador. She explains in details the problematic situation in the Amazon region, caused by the excessive exploitation of oil reserves by multinational corporations:

It's going to destroy cultures, the environment, and kill animals... that's not getting out of poverty.

She also quotes her grandfather, reminding us a striking truth none of us should ever forget:

Without the Amazon, the world would not breathe.

Despite the lack of local action, citizens are concerned and try to reclaim their rights.

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