About Us

About us

Globeprime is a simplified platform that helps you find the best news from all around the world. By using our filter options, you can explore various types of content in accordance to your preferred location (by continent or country) and/or your favorite interest: travel, arts, innovation, society, environment, stories, archaeology, and more. We aim at bringing you the most relevant information from the four corners of the globe on a daily basis, while participating to the access and sharing of online information.

Besides, you can always contribute to the content displayed on our website by suggesting us your ideas. We also included a Community section dedicated entirely to our members, where you have the opportunity to submit your own articles about a topic of your choice and get featured on Globeprime. So whether it's by suggesting an article or submitting your own content, we want to hear from you!

Meanwhile, join us on our social media platforms and make sure to select your Prime articles so we can know what counts for you. We sincerely hope you like the content on Globeprime.